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Our History

The Willoway Group was founded in 1998 when Ben and Anthea Brinkworth purchased their first property at Willalooka, just south of the township of Keith, in the South-East of South Australia.  This initial property was aptly named “Willoway” by the former owners and adopted by Ben and Anthea who commenced Willoway and Willoway Grazing that same year.

Concentrating initially on the lucerne seed industry, they made use of their experience and work in other regions and industries throughout Australia.  They successfully introduced new techniques to improve the production and consistency of their lucerne crops.  Such techniques led to the better utilisation of water and other crop inputs, lessened salt related issues and gave yield results which set new industry benchmarks.  This improved production soon provided the opportunity for business expansion and growth, with the Willoway operation now widely recognised internationally as a prominent supplier of lucerne seed, plus a producer of high quality lucerne hay throughout Australia.

Willoway Farming Pty Ltd is the newest addition to Willoway Group, being incorporated in 2020 with the key objective of better identifying the Willoway Group’s livestock and irrigated cropping interests outside of the lucerne production.  This operation expanded significantly following the passing of Ben’s father Tom in late 2020, with a portfolio of properties moving from Tom’s estate to compliment Ben & Anthea’s own interests.  In total the portfolio of properties spans the South Australian South-East and pastoral regions, together with the Western Lands and Riverina regions of New South Wales. 


As the custodians of this significant portion of Tom’s estate, not unlike their initial approach to the lucerne seed industry, Ben and Anthea have immediately set about a major investment program.  This is aimed at enriching properties whilst expanding production across the aggregation.  This investment program is substantial in both value and scale and anticipated to take more than five years to complete.  The overall program will incorporate a combination of:

  • A pasture renovation program spanning more than 20,000 hectares (49,421 acres)

  • The planting and protection of native vegetation for regeneration purposes and nurturing native flora and fauna

  • More than 400 kilometres of new fencing and laneways

  • New operational structures including a distribution centre, shearing and storage sheds, sheep & cattle yards and water infrastructure.

  • The purchase of new plant and equipment, including three new prime movers & trailers, loaders, graders, tractors and other farm implements.

  • New or improved staff amenities including new housing across several sites and renovation of many existing residences, staff accommodation units and shearers quarters.

  • A centrally located workshop to service the aggregation and its fleet of vehicles.




4/62 King William Road, 

Goodwood  SA  5034

PO Box 414

Unley Business Centre  SA  5061

08 7089 9090

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