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Helping our Communities

Ben and Anthea, their family, plus the Willoway staff, are active participants in their local communities.

Each farming division endeavours to conduct a major portion of their commercial activities in and around the communities where they operate.  Support for local operators and suppliers is greatly valued by the Group.

More broadly, the family continues to invest in infrastructure, plant and equipment that supports numerous community endeavours.  Such activities include modern fire-fighting equipment that is staffed and ready to give immediate support to local fire authorities and others in the community in major fire events.  Donations of lucerne hay to support victims of fire, flood and drought is a regular occurrence.  During the 2020/21 fire season hay donations were made to many victims of both the Lucindale and Cherry Gardens fires, together with several monetary donations to community groups active during and after the events, including several CFS stations, animal rescue and welfare organisations.




4/62 King William Road, 

Goodwood  SA  5034

PO Box 414

Unley Business Centre  SA  5061

08 7089 9090

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