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Our Properties

The Willoway Group incorporates farming interests across several regions of South Australia and New South Wales. 

Our key approach across the aggregation is an ongoing and significant reinvestment program, with our key focus on farm sustainability, pasture renovation and infrastructure improvement. 

South East |  South Australia

Incorporating 32 properties and more than 36,300 Hectares (89,700 acres) in the South-East of South Australia is a key land holding for the operation.  The region is renowned for its consistent high rainfall, ranging from 780mm in the Lower South-East to 350mm in the Upper South-East.  This combined with the diverse soil types, access to transport routes and a supply of underground water, makes the region a highly versatile and productive agricultural belt.

Working across this aggregation, Willoway undertake a diverse range of activities including lucerne seed, lucerne hay, cereal cropping, Angus cattle breeding and sheep production for meat and wool.


Northern Pastoral Region | South Australia

Willoway are the custodians of Frome Downs and Lakeside Stations, located around 190kms north-west of Broken Hill, directly adjoining Lake Frome.  The total area of the two stations is 608,000 hectares (1,500,000 acres)

The two properties will undergo an investment program commencing in August 2021 to improve infrastructure across the properties, including water, fencing and housing, general staff quarters and an airstrip.

The properties are operated as a single aggregation with cattle being moved on and off each holding to sustainably manage the land in line with the prevailing seasonal conditions.

Frome Downs_1_edited.jpg

Western Lands Division | New South Wales

An aggregation of 10 properties totalling just over 260,000 hectares (642,000 acres) and adjacent White Cliffs and Wilcannia, the region sits within the Darling River basin and is considered semi-arid.  The area is subject to strong seasonal variability, with waterflows and the main Darling River fluctuating in response to droughts and floods.  The aggregation itself includes areas subject to flood in heavy downstream flows, emanating from the upper reaches of the basin as far north as the Warrego and Condamine catchments in Queensland.

The country includes extensive saltbush pastures suitable for both cattle and sheep, with Willoway stocking both across the aggregation.

Wilcannia - Tillenbury_edited.jpg

Riverina | New South Wales

Uardry Station is an historic property first established in 1840 and later famous for its prized Merino Stud genetics.  This achievement was commemorated with the 1941 Australian Shilling coin which included the portrait of the Champion Uardry ram of the generation.

When Tom Brinkworth acquired the property in 2012, he tasked Ben and his team to redevelop the property and better utilise its water assets in a manner that maximised production opportunities.  The results have been an amazing transformation.  With more than 1,717 hectares (4,250 acres) available for both irrigated and dryland cropping, the productive capacity has lifted exponentially.  Subsequently Willoway was bequeathed the property following Tom’s passing in August 2020, taking over direct operations from Tom’s estate in July 2021.

Today the property is utilised for mixed farming, including fodder and grain for drought reserves, cotton for diversity of income, plus sheep and cattle enterprises.  The family retained a selection of Uardry Merino genetics which will be used as the foundation for Willoway in the ongoing genetics program.




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