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Willoway Farming is part of the broader ‘Willoway Group”, an Australian family owned and operated aggregation of agricultural interests that span more than 943,000 hectares (2,330,203 acres) through the South-East of South Australia, the Pastoral regions of northern South Australia and far-western New South Wales, plus the Riverina region in southern
New South Wales.

Our activities include irrigated cropping, irrigated and dryland lucerne seed production, livestock and wool.

The foundations of the Group revolve around innovation, technology and an overarching commitment to sustainability.

The basis of the Group’s success rest in the early acceptance of innovative and sustainable farming practices through the efficient use of resources.  The adoption of modern management practices ensure water use in irrigated cropping activities is utilised efficiently and minimises the harmful impacts of salt, over irrigation, flooding and other problems often experienced by Australian water users.

This innovative approach has delivered lucerne seed yields higher than industry averages for more than 20 years, with the Group widely recognised as the most advanced and largest independent lucerne seed producer in the southern hemisphere.   

Following a generational commitment to livestock production, the Group has a core focus on the use of high-quality genetics across both its Angus cattle herd and Merino sheep flock.   

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